Iceland //

The media

Iceland’s main daily paper is the right-wing Morgunblaðið, available all over the country and giving thorough coverage of national and international news.

If your Icelandic isn’t up to it, you can get a roundup of the main stories through the Iceland Review, an English-language newsheet giving good outlines about main national stories – it’s available in Reykjavík’s newsagents or online at Reykjavík’s bookshops – and libraries around the country – also have copies of British and US newspapers, plus international magazines such as Time and National Geographic.

Iceland’s radio stations play a mind-numbingly repetitive menu of commercial pop, classical music and talk-back shows. The three television channels show a familiar mix of soaps, dramas, films and documentaries. All these media are predominantly Icelandic-language only, though films and TV shows are screened in their original language with subtitles.

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