Costa Rica // The Zona Sur //

Moving on from San Isidro

If you’re travelling south from San Isidro to Palmar (2 daily; 4hr), Golfito (2 daily; 5hr) or Paso Canoas (2 daily; 6hr), it’s better to get a bus that originates in San Isidro rather than one that’s coming through from San José, as they’re often full and you could find yourself standing all the way to Panamá. If you want to try for one of the through-services, visit TRACOPA’s ticket office (Mon–Sat 7am–4pm) at Calle 3 and the Interamericana; you can buy tickets if there are seats available, and schedules are posted telling you what time the buses pass through town. Buses for Quepos (4 daily; 3hr 30min) and Dominical (5 daily; 1hr 20min) leave from the TRACOPA terminal, at Calle 2 and the Interamericana. Buses for San Gerardo de Rivas leave at 5am and 2pm (1hr 40min) from the main (El Mercado) bus terminal at Av 6, C 0/2. For all local services, buy your ticket on the bus.

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