Costa Rica // The Zona Sur //

Arrival and information

Three buses arrive daily from San José (C 12, Av 7/9), one of which is direct (noon; 8hr), while the other two arrive via San Isidro (11.30am & 5pm; 9hr). One daily bus leaves Jiménez for San Jose at noon from the bus station one block west of the football field where you can also buy tickets (open daily 7–11am & 1–5pm). A lancha departs Golfito for Puerto Jiménez daily at 11am (1hr 30min), returning to Golfito daily at 6am. You can fly in from San José with Sansa or NatureAir, or from Quepos with NatureAir.

The best source of tourist information is CafeNet el Sol (t 2735-5702, w, one block south of the football field on the main street.

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