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Activities in and around Da Lat

There is some spectacular scenery in the vicinity of Da Lat, which lends itself to challenging treks, bike rides and other adventure activities. A number of local tour operators can help to organize most of the following; the two with the best reputation are Phat Tire Ventures, 109 Nguyen Van Troi (t 063 382 9422, w; and Groovy Gecko, 65 Truong Cong Dinh (t 063 383 6521, w Hotel pick-up usually comes as part of the package.

Bike riding There are a number of excellent day- and half-day bike routes around Da Lat. Many head north to Lat Village, or south into the countryside, but it’s also possible to organize trips to further-flung locations such as Buon Ma Thuot, Nha Trang or even Hoi An.
Canyoning There’s a beautiful canyon fifteen minutes from Da Lat by car; the adventurous course requires ropes and a bit of bravery. Half-day trips from $40 per person.
Golf The eighteen-hole course just off central Da Lat boasts inspiring views from some tees. Starts at around $95 per person, including caddy.
Hiking Most local tour operators will be able to organize a guided hike, with everything from half-day to week-long walks and treks; figure on around $30 per person per day. Again, Lat Village and the surrounding area is a popular destination, while the above operators will be able to take you into more uncharted territory.
Tennis Both the Dalat Palace and Dalat Du Parc have tennis courts, available to guests for free, and non-guests for a small fee.
Whitewater rafting Phat Tire Ventures run rafting and kayaking trips on routes including rapids of class 2, 3 and 4. Kayaking from $37 per person, rafting from $57 per person.

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