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MALOLOS, capital of Bulacan province, is known for its impressive Barasoain Church, on Paseo del Congreso. The current structure dates back to the 1880s; it was in this church that the Revolutionary Congress convened in 1898. The church houses the Ecclesiastical Museum (which displays religious relics such as a bone fragment of San Vicente Ferrer encased in glass, and antique prayer cards), and a light-and-sound presentation depicting events leading to the Philippine Revolution and the Philippine-American War. Aguinaldo made his headquarters at the nearby Malolos Cathedral, aka the Basilica Minore de Immaculada Concepcion. In between the two churches on Paseo del Congreso is the Casa Real, a gorgeous Spanish house built in 1580, and the site of the Imprenta Nacional, the printing press of the 1896 Constitution. It’s now a small museum, with displays of priceless sixteenth-century Spanish religious artefacts and various incendiary pamphlets published by the revolutionaries. The helpful provincial tourist office is in the Capitol Building (


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