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Adventure resorts on the Bhote Koshi

The raging Bhote Koshi’s reputation as one of the most extreme rafting rivers in Nepal, and the fact that there’s actually only about a day’s worth of rafting to be done, attracts a young, thrill-seeking crowd. The big rafting operators have been quick to develop the trend and, as well as the classic rafting trip, now offer mountain-biking, trekking, bungee-jumping and canyoning expeditions. Three major companies base their operations in attractive tented resort camps that – even if you’re not intent on throwing yourself downriver on a raft, or off a bridge attached to an elastic rope – make excellent bases for exploring the valley or just chilling out. Prices usually come as part of packages including activities, transport and meals.

Borderland Resort At the bottom of the gorge 9km north of Barhabise t 01 470 1295, w; map. Ultimate Descents’ well-established resort is a sedate, relaxing place with three classes of tents, a pool and nice gardens.
The Last Resort t 01 470 0525, w; map. Furthest north of the Bhote Koshi adventure resorts, Ultimate Rivers’ Last Resort has the most spectacular location, accessed by a footbridge suspended 160m above the gorge. The bridge also serves as the launching point for their bungee jump, one of the world’s highest. If the bungee doesn’t sate your appetite, you can always try the canyon swing as well. This is the funkiest of the three resorts, with the smartest tents, beautifully landscaped grounds, sauna, plunge pool and massage options, plus a sociable bar.
Sukute Beach Adventure Resort t 01 435 6644, w; map. Equator Expeditions’ Bhote Koshi resort is the closest to Kathmandu, sitting alongside a wide, relatively gentle stretch of the Sun Koshi between Dolalghat and the Balephi bridge. A mix of safari tents and rooms overlook a sandy stretch of the riverbank, and there’s an attractive swimming pool, restaurant and pool table.

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