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Upper Sun Koshi (Lower Bhote Koshi)

Only two to three hours’ drive from Kathmandu, the Upper Sun Koshi makes an easier alternative or a warm-up to the Bhote Koshi, especially at higher water levels (and it’s sometimes referred to by companies as the Lower Bhote Koshi). There are two different sections: the top one is a fun Class 3 whitewater run in peak season; the lower, below Sukute Beach, is a mellow, scenic, flat-water float. The river is clean and blue with green valley sides, and the nearby Arniko Highway is relatively quiet, so this stretch of river is an ideal choice for a half-day rafting trip close to Kathmandu, and makes a welcome escape from the city if you stay overnight at one of the resort camps on the riverside. This is a popular river for kayak schools.

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