Laos // The far south //

Arrival and information

A total of six public buses to Don Khong (30,000K) leave from Pakse’s Southern Bus Station daily, stopping at Ban Hat Xai Khoun to cross the Mekong by boat. Much faster are the minibuses operated by tour companies in Pakse (60,000K) and Champasak (50,000K), but look out for the pirogue drivers who meet buses at the riverbank; plenty of travellers have handed them all-inclusive bus and boat tickets, only to be told they have to pay an extra 10,000K for the crossing once they reach Muang Khong.

In Muang Khong you’ll find the island’s only post office, just south of the bridge across the creek, and further south, near the colonial mansion, a small Agricultural Promotion Bank where you can exchange money. Internet and telephone services are offered by a handful of guesthouses along the main drag. Several of the guesthouses and shops here offer bicycles for rent; Pon’s River Guesthouse also rents out motorbikes.

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