Santorini in November: weather and travel tips

written by Olga Sitnitsa

updated 26.10.2023

Welcome to Santorini, when the Aegean paradise becomes a quieter and more contemplative harbour. In this article, we will cover the weather in Santorini in November, and provide valuable travel tips to make the most of an autumn trip.

Is November a good time to visit Santorini?

November can be a good time to visit Santorini, offering a distinctive and less crowded island atmosphere. Although the weather in Santorini in November becomes cooler and more unpredictable, it is a great time to enjoy the tranquillity of the island and take in the local culture.

Wine lovers can enjoy the post-harvest season when wineries are bustling with activity, offering a great tasting experience. You can socialise with the locals, explore the island's historical sites and natural beauty, and admire Santorini's legendary sunsets without the usual crowds of tourists.

However, be aware of possible off-season closures, especially in late November, when some businesses and hotels may begin to wind down for the winter season. If you prefer a more relaxed and budget holiday in Santorini and are prepared for cooler weather, November could be a great choice.

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Volcano, Santorini © Shutterstock

Weather in Santorini in November great for seeing volcanoes © Shutterstock

Air & sea temperatures in Santorini in November

November marks the transition to the cooler autumn and early winter season in Santorini. Average air and sea temperatures this month reflect the island's changing climate.

Daytime temperatures typically range from 16 to 20°C (61-68°F), while nighttime lows average 12-15°C (54-59°F). Although not as warm as the summer months, the temperatures are still pleasant and suitable for outdoor activities.

As for the sea, average temperatures gradually cool down to 18-20°C (64-68°F) in November. This sea temperature is quite cool, making swimming not suitable for everyone.

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Average rainfall in November

Although November is not the rainiest month of the year, the weather in Santorini in November does suggest some rainfall. On average, the island receives about 58-60 mm (2.3-2.4 in) of rainfall during November.

This rainfall is generally sporadic and does not last all day. Rainfall in November is more frequent than in summer, so if you plan to visit Santorini at this time, it is worth preparing some activities in case of rainy days and a mackintosh and umbrella.

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Sunset in Santorini © Shutterstock

What about the crowds & costs?

November marks the final end of the peak tourist season on the island. As the cooler weather sets in, the number of tourists decreases significantly. You will find that many of the popular sites and attractions are much less crowded than during the summer months. This quieter atmosphere encourages a more intimate and relaxed holiday.

Accommodation prices usually drop as demand decreases. More budget options can often be found in November, making it an attractive time for travellers looking to save money on accommodation. Some restaurants and shops may also offer discounts or promotions during this quiet season.

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Vourvoulos beach, Santorini, Greece © Olga Davydova/Shutterstock

Vourvoulos beach, Santorini, Greece © Olga Davydova/Shutterstock

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Tips for travelling to Santorini in November

As you prepare for your November trip to Santorini, remember a few important tips to make the most of your trip.

What to pack for Santorini in November?

When preparing for a trip to Santorini in November, one of the key considerations is your choice of clothing. The cool and less predictable weather in Santorini in November requires layered clothing. Bring outerwear as well as trousers, allowing you to adapt to temperature changes throughout the day. You can also take a scarf for extra warmth.

If you are not frightened by the cool sea and you still plan to swim, take your swimming gear with you. As November brings an increased chance of rain, also don't forget a mackintosh and umbrella in case of an unexpected downpour. 

Check for seasonal closures

As November approaches in Santorini, some businesses, restaurants and hotels may close for the winter season. It is important to be aware of possible seasonal closures, especially if you plan to visit the island at the end of November.

To access a wider range of services and facilities, it is recommended to visit the island in the first half of the month. It is also advisable to check the opening hours of attractions, restaurants and accommodation before travelling by visiting their official websites or contacting them directly.


Pyrgos, Santorini, Greece

What to do in Santorini in November

Despite the cooler weather in Santorini in November, there are still plenty of opportunities for exciting activities and experiences. Make sure to also check our list of the best things to do in Santorini at any time of year.

Visit Akrotiri

Akrotiri, often called the "Minoan Pompeii", is an amazing archaeological site on the island of Santorini. It is a well-preserved ancient city dating back to the 17th century BC and buried under volcanic ash from the eruption of the Thera volcano.

Explore the ruins, find ancient artefacts and intricate frescoes, and wander the streets and buildings that testify to the advanced urban planning of the Minoan civilisation. Guided tours provide in-depth historical information, and the cool November weather is ideal for exploring this picturesque and educational destination.

Explore Santorini Villages

Santorini's traditional villages offer a glimpse into authentic Greek life. Visit Oia with its famous sunsets, the lively streets of Fira and Pyrgos with its medieval castle. 

The laid-back atmosphere and architectural beauty of Megalochori, as well as the historical sites of Emporio, allow for a variety of experiences. Each settlement has its own unique character and culture.

Cairns of rocks at the walking path number 9 between the cities of Fira and Oia at Santorini Island © Shutterstock

Cairns of rocks, Santorini Island © Shutterstock

Take a tour of nearby islands

Exploring the nearby islands is a fascinating choice while in Santorini in November. Islands like Crete and Naxos, just a short ferry ride away, offer a completely different Greek experience. 

With fewer tourists and affordable prices, you can immerse yourself in a diverse culture, see historical sites and enjoy the local life. The milder weather is also conducive to outdoor activities and hiking.

Enjoy seasonal specialities 

Indulging in local cuisine is a delightful part of the Santorini experience. Head to cosy tavernas where you can sample authentic Greek dishes and embrace the island's culinary heritage.

In November, these establishments often offer seasonal dishes, adding extra flavour to your dining adventures. Whether you try a hearty moussaka or savour the tart flavour of tzatziki, local cuisine is a journey into the heart of Greek culture that should not be missed.

Planning your November trip to Santorini

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written by Olga Sitnitsa

updated 26.10.2023

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