In pictures: cats of Corfu

written by Gemma Lake
updated 12/8/2020
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Whether you’re wandering the narrow side streets, stretching out on the beach or tucking into a slice of sticky-sweet baklava in a local taverna, encountering a cat is inevitable in Corfu. And in a laidback land of warmth and plenitude, it’s easy to see why they prosper. Present across the centuries, these loveable creatures found slinking through the streets or slumbering in the shade have become an intrinsic part of the island. Yet they are rarely if ever mentioned. Now it’s their turn.

Taking a moment to paws in rural Corfu © Gemma Lake

Posing for the camera © Gemma Lake

Preening in the shade © Gemma Lake

Sitting around in Corfu © Gemma Lake

Purr-using the shops of Afionas, Corfu © Gemma Lake

Lazing around in Afionas © Gemma Lake

Cat-ittude on the streets of Afionas © Gemma Lake

Flying the flag for Greece © Gemma Lake

Feline thoughtful in Afionas © Gemma Lake

Black cat in Corfu © Gemma Lake

A tail of two kitties, Ionian Coast, Corfu © Gemma Lake

Guarding Vlacherna Monastery, Kanoni, Corfu © Gemma Lake

Catnapping outside Vlacherna Monastery, Kanoni © Gemma Lake

Just kitten' around in Avlaki, Corfu © Gemma Lake

Header image: Kitten in Avlaki, Corfu © Gemma Lake

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written by Gemma Lake
updated 12/8/2020
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