Amalfi Coast in February: weather and climate tips

Dre Roelandt

written by
Dre Roelandt

updated 06.12.2023

February casts a different spell on the Amalfi Coast, offering a quieter and more introspective experience. While it may not be the prime time for a vibrant adventure in Italy, this off-season has its unique charm for those seeking tranquillity. Here is our guide to the weather on the Amalfi Coast in February.

Is February a good month to visit the Amalfi Coast?

February is considered part of the off-season on the Amalfi Coast, and it presents a unique set of characteristics for travellers. The weather on the Amalfi Coast in February makes it one of the quietest months, offering a tranquil and authentic experience without the throngs of tourists.

The landscape can be beautiful in its winter tranquillity, and you may enjoy the coastal views without the summer haze. Many hotels and restaurants may offer off-season rates, making it a more budget-friendly time to visit.

However, February can be chilly, with average temperatures ranging from 8°C to 13°C (46°F to 55°F). Rain and storms are also more likely. The weather is not conducive to typical beach activities like swimming and sunbathing.

Overall, February can be a good time to visit the Amalfi Coast if you're looking for a peaceful and reflective experience, and if you're interested in exploring local culture without the distractions of peak tourist season.

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Carnival Parade in Salerno in February © Shutterstock

Carnival Parade in Salerno in February © Shutterstock

Temperatures on the Amalfi Coast in February

February wraps the Amalfi Coast in its winter embrace, with air temperatures ranging from 8°C to 13°C (46°F to 55°F). The sea, though not at its warmest, hovers around 15°C to 16°C (59°F to 61°F). Layering up is the key to staying cosy while exploring the coastline.

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Is the Amalfi Coast worth it in winter?

While the Amalfi Coast's allure is often associated with summer's vibrancy, the winter months bring a different kind of charm. The landscape may not boast lush greenery and bustling beaches, but it offers a quieter and more intimate experience.

If you're a traveller who relishes moments of reflection and enjoys the serene beauty of coastal towns, the Amalfi Coast in winter could be a hidden gem waiting to be discovered.

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 Positano and Amalfi Coast from Sentiero degli Dei - The Path of the Gods hike © Shutterstock

Positano and Amalfi Coast from Sentiero degli Dei - The Path of the Gods hike © Shutterstock

What to see on the Amalfi Coast in February

While February might not be the most popular time to visit the Amalfi Coast, it offers a unique perspective that caters to travellers seeking a quieter, more introspective experience. Traditional summer activities like bustling city trips, village exploration, and hiking might take a back seat during this season, but there are still pockets of charm waiting to be discovered.


Join in the revelry of Carnival, a festive celebration that adds a burst of colour and energy to the coastal towns. While not as elaborate as other Italian cities, the Amalfi Coast's Carnival is a local affair, with parades, costumes, and cheerful processions that reflect the region's spirited culture.

Winter beach strolls

Take advantage of the tranquillity that February brings by indulging in leisurely strolls on Italian beaches. The absence of summer crowds allows you to enjoy the coastal beauty at your own pace. The soft sound of waves against the shoreline, the salty breeze, and the serene ambience create a soothing escape from the everyday.

Exploring quiet villages

With fewer tourists, the villages of the Amalfi Coast take on a different aura in February. While some amenities might be limited, this is the time to engage with the locals, explore charming alleyways, and truly immerse yourself in the rhythm of coastal life.

Winter hikes

For those who enjoy hiking, February offers a chance to explore the coastal trails without the summer heat. While some paths might be better suited for experienced hikers due to possible winter conditions, the vistas and natural beauty remain as captivating as ever, offering a different perspective of the landscape.

Feast of S. Biagio

Embrace local traditions by participating in the Feast of S. Biagio. This event honours the patron saint of throat ailments and offers a glimpse into the region's religious and cultural heritage. Processions, ceremonies, and festive gatherings create a sense of community as you share in the local customs.

Enjoy coastal views

February is an ideal time to relish the stunning coastal views that the Amalfi Coast is renowned for. Whether you're sipping coffee on a terrace overlooking the sea or gazing out from a cliffside path, the absence of crowds allows you to connect with the landscape in a way that's serene and truly immersive.

Take a culinary adventure

Winter offers an opportunity to savour the Amalfi Coast's culinary delights without the bustling crowds. Explore cosy trattorias and sample seasonal dishes that showcase the region's gastronomic heritage. Indulge in comfort foods and savour the flavours of coastal Italy in a more intimate setting.

Dre Roelandt

written by
Dre Roelandt

updated 06.12.2023

Dre Roelandt is originally from the United States but lives and works in Berlin, Germany. Dre is a freelance writer and artist with a passion for travelling. They are an in-house Content Editor at Rough Guides.

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