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With a rich cultural legacy, historic towns and enchanting landscapes, it's little wonder that Germany is home to a staggering 46 World Heritage sites. The cradle of Modernism, Lutherism, classical music and fine art has Bauhaus gems, handsome cathedrals and charming old towns to marvel at. But this is also a country with strong industrial roots, where World Heritage sites come in the form of the Erzgebirge Mining Region and Völklingen Ironworks, and where cliff-top castles, manicured gardens and wild landscapes provide balance to Germany's cosmopolitan cities. From Bamberg's charming old town to Berlin's Modernist housing estates, Zollverein coalmine to resplendent Aachen Cathedral, Margravial Opera House to the vast Wadden Sea and the impossibly sited Wartburg Castle, prepare to be amazed.

Historic town centres

Some of Germany's best World Heritage sites come in the form of chocolate-box town centres with long and varied histories. Wandering through narrow streets to discover half-timbered houses, handsome town halls and Roman city gates, you'll be sure to have your imagination fired.

Bamberg Old Town Hall © Francesco Carovillano

Architecture and design

Most famous as the birthplace of Bauhaus, Germany's architecture and design is something to write home about. The Bauhaus school was founded in 1919 in Weimar; several Bauhaus gems survive to be explored, while many of the country's Modernist housing estates are still lived in today.

Industrial heritage

Germany's rich history and culture is tied up with its industrial heritage, and these World Heritage sites make fascinating places to visit. Pushing technological boundaries, Germany's industrial heritage sites range from mining regions to sophisticated water-management systems.

Essen: heritage-protected colliery at Zollverein © Francesco Carovillano

Churches and abbeys

Germany is home to some truly spectacular religious architecture. Cathedral spires, monastic islands and pretty abbeys are top pulls even in a stellar list of World Heritage sites.

Cultural and intellectual history

From old Viking settlements to Martin Luther memorials and the Classical city of Weimar, helm of the German Enlightenment, Germany heralds a long cultural and intellectual legacy represented by a number of World Heritage sites. Don't miss Berlin's Museum Island, home to a clutch of world-class museums.

Margravial Opera House in Bayreuth © Heiko Oehme

Nature, gardens and landscapes

Nature, gardens and landscapes are well represented in Germany. Wide-open spaces such as the Wadden Sea and the country's ancient beech forests are juxtaposed with manicured formal gardens and landscaped parks. There's something for everyone here.

Palaces and castles

Lavishly decorated palaces and castles, from Potsdam to Würzburg, prove to be show-stopping World Heritage sites. You can't fail to be impressed by the expense, expertise and extravagance on show.

The Orangery Palace at Sanssouci © Jens Wegener

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From the Castles of Brühl to the Garden Kingdom of Dessau, marvel at dripping gold leaf, stucco decoration and eye-watering indulgence.

Germany’s stylish Modernist architecture

The zenith of German architecture, Modernism reigns supreme in designs from Hamburg's Speicherstadt to Berlin's Modernist Housing Estates and the boundary-pushing Fagus Factory in Alfeld.

Bauhaus-Museum in Weimar © Thomas Müller / Klassik Stiftung Weimar

The best of Germany’s spiritual sites

Dazzling religious structures and spiritual sites with interesting histories and impressive architecture will stand out as highlights of any trip to Germany – even for non-believers.

Exceptional examples of architectural structures in Germany

Architecture buffs will be delighted with the range and detail of Germany's architectural structures, from the splendour of Cologne Cathedral to the quaint half-timbered houses of Quedlinburg.

5 of Germany’s most romantic town centres

Nowhere is Germany's living architecture revealed more atmospherically than by taking a stroll through the country's most romantic town centres.

6 best spots in Germany for exploring the great outdoors

Germany is famed for its wonderful landscapes, with ample hiking and biking opportunities. Get up and going with these World Heritage sites that make the most of the great outdoors.

Jasmund National Park © Guenther Bayerl

7 of the most unusual World Heritage sites in Germany

Did you know that Germany is home to a collection of fascinating Viking finds? Or a string of ancient Roman fortifications? Read on and all will be revealed.

Germany’s significant historic World Heritage sites

There's no better way to learn about a country's history than by visiting the sites that shaped it. From Roman monuments in Trier to Warburg Castle, let us take you on a real-life history tour.

Top image: Hildesheim: Overlooking the Cathedral of the Assumption of Mary © Florian Trykowski

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