Chile // El Norte Grande //

Valle de la Luna

The VALLE DE LA LUNA, or Valley of the Moon, really lives up to its name, presenting a dramatic lunar landscape of wind-eroded hills surrounding a crust-like valley floor, once the bottom of a lake. An immense sand dune sweeps across the valley, easy enough to climb and a great place to sit and survey the scenery.

The valley is at its best at sunset, when it’s transformed into a spellbinding palette of golds and reds, but you’ll have to share this view with a multitude of fellow visitors, as all San Pedro tour operators offer daily sunset trips here. A more memorable (but more demanding) experience would be to get up before day breaks and cycle to the valley, arriving at sunrise. Note that the valley is part of the Conaf-run Reserva Nacional Los Flamencos, and camping is not permitted.

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