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Parque Nacional Chiloé

On the island’s western coast, the PARQUE NACIONAL CHILOÉ comprises over 420 square kilometres of native evergreen forest, covering the slopes and valleys of the Cordillera de Piuchen, largely unexplored by man and harbouring flora and fauna unique to the archipelago, as well as wide deserted beaches and long stretches of rugged coastline, home to dozens of seabird species, penguins and sea lions. The park is divided into three sectors, as detailed below.

The most accessible of the three, Sector Anay, is reached by a 25km paved road that shoots west from a junction on the Panamericana, 20km south of Castro. At the end of the road is the gateway to the park, Chanquín – a scattering of houses across the bridge from the ramshackle village of Cucao, where you can buy last-minute provisions. Proper exploration of the park requires at least four days, but there are several nice walks that you can do in a day, staying overnight in Chanquín.

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