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Founded as the sole Catholic colony in strongly Protestant America, and, in the nineteenth century, one of the most contentious slave states in the Union, MARYLAND has always been unique. Within its small, irregularly shaped geometry, its attractions range from the frantic boardwalk beaches of Ocean City to the sleepy fishing villages of the Chesapeake Bay and the little-known hamlets of the Eastern Shore. The Chesapeake Bay’s legendary blue crabs and sweet rockfish, served by roadside places in the Bay’s colonial-era towns, are additional reasons to drop in.

Maryland’s largest city is the busy port of Baltimore, a quirky metropolis with a revitalized urban waterfront, a thriving cultural scene and eclectic neighbourhoods. Western Maryland stretches over a hundred miles to the Appalachian foothills, its rolling farmlands notable chiefly for the Civil War killing grounds at Antietam. Just twenty miles south of Baltimore, picturesque Annapolis has served as Maryland’s capital since 1694 and is best known for its national naval academy. Some of the state’s most worthwhile spots are across the Chesapeake Bay on the Eastern Shore, connected to the rest of the state by the US-50 bridge but still a world apart.

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