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From Sargans train station on the Zürich–Chur line, bus #1 shuttles over the Rhine (no border controls) in half an hour to the capital Vaduz, a tiny town bulging with glass-plated banks and squadrons of aimless visitors. The central hub is the post office, where all buses stop, midway between the main highway, Äulestrasse, and pedestrianized Städtle. On either side are the sleek Kunstmuseum (Tues–Sun 10am–5pm, Thurs till 8pm; Fr.12, students Fr.8, combined ticket with Landesmuseum Fr.15/10; kunstmuseum.li), displaying temporary art exhibitions drawing on the prince’s private collection and other donations, and the Landesmuseum (Tues–Sun 10am–5pm, Wed to 8pm, Fr.8, students Fr.5; landesmuseum.li), with excellent coverage of local history. Perched on the forested hillside above is the prince’s sixteenth-century castle (no public access).

Buses from Vaduz serve all points in Liechtenstein, as well as connecting to Feldkirch just across the border in Austria, from where trains run on to Bregenz, Innsbruck and Vienna.

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