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Asturias’ easternmost resort, LLANES, is a delightful seaside town, crammed between the foothills of the Picos and a particularly majestic stretch of the coast. To the east and west stretch sheer cliffs, little-known beaches and a series of beautiful coves, yours for the walking. The three town beaches are small but pleasant and very central, while the excellent Playa Ballota is only 3km to the east, with its own supply of spring water down on the sand (and a nudist stretch). A long rambla, the Paseo de San Pedro, runs along the top of the dramatic cliffs above the western town beach, the little Playa del Sablón.

In the centre of town, a tidal stream lined with cafés and seafood restaurants runs down into a small harbour. In the old town itself, a tangle of lanes twists around a small hill to the west and tall medieval walls shelter a number of impressive buildings in various stages of restoration or decay, which include the Torre Medieval, housing the turismo; the semi-ruined and overgrown Renaissance palaces of the Duques de Estrada and the Casa del Cercau (both closed to the public); and the Basílica de Santa María, built in the plain Gothic style imported from southern France.

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