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Sierra de Gúdar

The mountains of the Sierra de Gúdar and nearby El Maestrazgo, to the east and northeast of Teruel, are an area of great variety and striking, often wild, beauty, with severe peaks, deep gorges and lush meadows. One hundred years ago, this now impoverished region had four times the number of inhabitants it does today. Defeated in their attempts to make a living from agriculture, many left to seek their fortunes in the cities, leaving behind the crumbling remains of once grand, honey-hued farmhouses that dot the landscape and stone-walled terraces etched into the steep-sided hills.

A landscape of sharp, rocky crags, Sierra de Gúdar is easy to access by following the N234 southeast from Teruel and then heading northeast into the mountains along the A232. This will bring you to the lovely medieval villages of Mora de Rubielos, 42km from Teruel, and its even lovelier twin, Rubielos de Mora. Head north from here for Linares de Mora and Mosqueruela, also charming and remote mountain villages.

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