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Kilmartin Glen

The Kilmartin Glen is the most important prehistoric site on the Scottish mainland, whose most remarkable relic is the linear cemetery, where several cairns are aligned for more than two miles, to the south of the village of Kilmartin. These are thought to represent the successive burials of a ruling family or chieftains, but nobody can be sure. The best view of the cemetery’s configuration is from the Bronze Age Mid-Cairn, but the Neolithic South Cairn, dating from around 3000 BC, is by far the oldest and the most impressive, with its large chambered tomb roofed by giant slabs. Close to the Mid-Cairn, the two Temple Wood stone circles appear to have been the architectural focus of burials in the area from Neolithic times to the Bronze Age. Visible to the south are the impressively cup-marked Nether Largie standing stones (no public access), the largest of which stands more than 10ft high.

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