Montenegro //

When to go

The best time to visit is broadly between April and September. Montenegro’s climate broadly follows two distinct patterns: the coast has typically Mediterranean weather, with very warm summers – temperatures regularly hover around the mid- to upper thirties – and mild winters; while the interior manifests a sub-alpine climate, characterized by warm summers but bitterly cold winters – temperatures can drop to as low as minus fifteen or twenty degrees – with occasionally heavy rainfall and much snow.

The coast is a pleasant place to be at any time of the year but it can get uncomfortably congested in July and August, when temperatures and crowds reach their peak; moreover, accommodation is at its most expensive during this period, with rates almost doubling in some places. Hence June and September are the optimum months for a visit, when the weather is still reliably hot and there’s far less pressure on facilities. Between late October and early April some hotels close but you may well pick up excellent rates from those that do stay open.

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