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Nida is the most famous village on the spit – a small fishing community boasting several streets of attractive blue- and brown-painted wooden houses. Although there are plenty of visitors in the summertime it never feels crowded. There are several good restaurants on Naglių gatvė and Lotmiškio gatvė, as well as along the waterfront. From the end of Naglių, a shore path runs to a flight of wooden steps leading up to the top of the Parnidis dune south of the village. From the summit you can gaze out across a Saharan sandscape stretching to Russia’s Kaliningrad province. Retrace the trail along the waterfront to see elaborate weather vanes with unique designs – each village has its own. Stop by the Neringa History Museum which traces the village’s heritage through photos of crow-eating locals and fishing paraphernalia. Also along Pamario is the church cemetery with traditional krikštas – carved wooden headstones – placed upright at the foot of the resting body. Nida’s long, luxuriant beach is on the opposite side of the spit, a 30min walk through the forest from the village.

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