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The following lists a few highlights on Panama’s festivals calendar. There are even more festivals on the Azuero Peninsula.


Feria de las Flores y del Café in Boquete (date varies).


Comarca de Guna Yala (Feb 25) celebrates the Guna Revolution of 1925, their independence day; Carnaval (Feb/March) celebrated all over the country, but especially in Las Tablas and Panama City, with an aquatic version in Penonomé; Festival de los Diablos y Congos, biennially in Portobelo (2015, 2017, date varies).


Semana Santa. Celebrated everywhere, but most colourfully in La Villa de Los Santos, Pesé and Guararé, on the Azuero Peninsula.


Feria de las Orquideas in Boquete (date varies); Feria International del Azuero in La Villa de Los Santos (date varies).


Corpus Christi (date varies) in La Villa de Los Santos.


Nuestra Señora del Carmen (July 16) on Isla Taboga; Patronales de La Santa Librada and Festival de la Pollera in Las Tablas (July 20–22).


Festival del Manito Ocueño (date varies) in Ocú.


Festival of Nogagope (Oct 10–12) on Isla Tigre, Comarca de Guna Yala; Feria Guna (mid-Oct) on Isla Tigre; Festival de la Mejorana (five days mid-Oct) in Guararé; Fiesta de Cristo Negro (Oct 21) in Portobelo.

November 10

The “First Cry of Independence”, Independence Day, celebrated as part of “El Mes de la Patria”. Cities and towns across the nation put on parades featuring school drumming troupes and majorettes, which the whole population comes out to watch.

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