Indonesia // Lombok and the Gili Islands //

Gili Meno

A similar oval shape to Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno is much smaller, about 2km long and just over 1km wide. This is the most tranquil island of the three, with a small local population, no nightlife and arguably the best beaches, as less space is taken up by fishing boats and hawkers (although unfortunately the few hawkers there are here are even more persistent than most). It takes a couple of hours to stroll around the island. There’s a bird park in the middle of the island (Taman Burung) that’s worth a visit; it houses three hundred tropical birds.

The snorkelling is good along the east coast; start at Royal Reef and drift down to Kontiki in the south. Take care – there may well be boats coming in and out to the harbour along here. The other option is to start at the yellow light beacon in the north of the island, swim left and the current will take you round to the west coast over the Meno Wall and you can get out at the old Bounty jetty, part of the way down the west coast. Keep your fins on until you’re in very shallow water, as there can often be quite an undertow. You can venture further afield by boat: ask on the beach. Equipment is available on the island but a lot has seen (far) better days.

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