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Nuweiba and Tarabeen

Beautiful but desolate, NUWEIBA is another resort on the Gulf of Aqaba, consisting of a port with nearby tourist complexes, followed 4km up the coast by Nuweiba “City”, an administrative and commercial centre grafted on to a former Israeli moshav (cooperative village). During the late 1970s, thousands of Israeli and Western backpackers flocked here to party and sleep on the beach, but today tourism is at a virtual standstill. The beach is beautiful, but – with the exception of a few patches of privately owned sand – covered with rubbish. For most travellers, Nuweiba now serves primarily as a stepping stone for onward travel by bus to Eilat in Israel or by boat to Aqaba in Jordan.

Around 500m north of Nuweiba City is the neighbouring Bedouin settlement of TARABEEN, named after a local Bedouin tribe and attracting younger travellers.

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