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Accommodation will be the largest chunk of your daily expenditure. Though there isn’t an organized hostel system, some places are affiliated with Hostelling International (HI; t220 805 684, Smaller hostels and B&Bs are often understaffed; confirm your arrival time beforehand or you risk being locked out. Check if there’s an online discount before booking in person; you can get as much as 30 percent off. Tourism has decreased in recent years, so hotels are often willing to bargain.

Private rooms are available in all the towns on the tourist trail, and are often the cheapest option. Look out for signs with the Czech word Pokoje (rooms) or the German Zimmer Frei (free rooms) or book through a local tourist office. Prices start at around 350Kč per person.

Campsites (kemp) are plentiful but facilities are often rudimentary. Pitch prices are about 50–100Kč. Most sites have simple chalets (chaty or bungalovy) for around 200Kč per person. The Shocart map Kempy a chatové osady ČR lists Czech campsites and is sold in many bookshops. See the Czech Camping Association website ( for more.

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