Weather in Cape Town in March

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Olga Sitnitsa

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Discover the enchanting weather in Cape Town in March, a time when the vibrant city says goodbye to the scorching summer and welcomes the gentle embrace of fall. This month is characterized by warm, sunny days that cool down with evening breezes, offering respite after the peak of summer. Although skies remain mostly clear, occasional precipitation communicates the change of seasons, adding a fresh vibe to the city's natural beauty. Less windy than the summer months, it'san idyllic period for outdoor activities, sightseeing, and immersing yourself in Cape Town's incomparable beauty.

Is March a good time to visit Cape Town?

March is often considered a wonderful time to visit Cape Town due to the pleasant weather and the transition from the bustling high season to the quieter shoulder season.

This month sees a delightful mix of sunny days and cool evenings, making it ideal for both outdoor adventures and comfortable strolls around the city. With the weather in Cape Town becoming warm and dry in March, the intense summer heat will subside and you will feel more comfortable.

As for rainfall, it increases slightly in March compared to the previous dry summer months, but it is generally moderate, so it is unlikely to disrupt your travel plans much. These short rains can even enhance the beauty of the city and its surroundings, making the scenery fresher and brighter.

March falls in the 'shoulder' season of tourism in Cape Town. This means you can enjoy fewer tourists, more affordable accommodation, and a relaxed atmosphere, but still enjoy the city's natural beauty and warm weather.

Overall, March can be a great time to visit Cape Town due to the comfortable weather, fewer tourists, and low prices. The combination of sunny days, minimal rainfall, and the benefits of the shoulder season provide a balanced and satisfying getaway.

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Things to do: V&A waterfront, Cape Town, South Africa.

V&A waterfront, Cape Town, South Africa

Average temperatures in Cape Town in March

The weather in Cape Town in March is characterized by moderate and pleasant temperatures, marking the transition from hot summers to milder autumns. The average high temperature this month ranges around 26°C (79°F), while the average low temperature drops to 15°C (59°F). This range provides a comfortable climate for exploring the city and engaging in a variety of outdoor activities.

The temperature differences between day and night can be quite noticeable. Days are usually warm and sunny, ideal for beach walks and sightseeing, while evenings are cool, and perfect for relaxing strolls along the waterfront or enjoying the city's vibrant nightlife.

March is part of the Southern Hemisphere's autumn season, which in Cape Town is characterized by milder weather compared to the peak summer months of December to February when temperatures can soar above 30°C (86°F). Conversely, it is warmer and drier than the approaching winter months when temperatures can drop significantly, especially at night.

Compared to other seasons, March offers a balanced climate. It has neither intense summer heat nor winter chill, making it one of the most comfortable and attractive times to visit Cape Town.

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Aerial view of coastline of Cape Town with Signal Hill and Table Mountain in background, South Afric

Aerial view of coastline of Cape Town with Signal Hill and Table Mountain in background, South Africa

What about crowds and costs?

March in Cape Town sees a significant shift in tourist traffic and costs, as it marks the transition from the high season of December through February to the more tranquil shoulder season. 

With the decrease in tourists, you can enjoy less crowded attractions, more personalized experiences, and shorter queues at popular sites like Table Mountain and the V&A Waterfront. This period also benefits from lower accommodation and flight prices, making it a cost-effective time to explore the city's riches.

Additionally, the perks of visiting in March extend to seasonal events and pleasant weather without the summer's peak heat, offering an ideal balance for outdoor activities. In contrast, the high season months are characterized by higher costs and denser crowds, while the winter months (June to August) may offer lower prices but come with cooler temperatures and increased rainfall. 

March, therefore, presents a sweet spot for those looking to enjoy Cape Town's offerings with fewer people and at better value.

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Victoria & Albert Waterfront, Cape Town South Africa

Victoria & Albert Waterfront, Cape Town South Africa

What to do in Cape Town in March

The weather in Cape Town in March brings warm days and cool evenings, creating the perfect conditions for exploring and experiencing all that this vibrant city has to offer. Here's a list of activities that take full advantage of the gorgeous March weather and guarantee an unforgettable visit to South Africa's most picturesque city.

Table Mountain Aerial Cableway

Take a ride up Table Mountain for unrivaled views of Cape Town and its coastline. The cool March weather provides comfortable conditions, escaping the scorching heat of summer, perfect for taking panoramic photos and exploring the hiking trails at the summit.

Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden

Wander through the diverse plant life in Kirstenbosch, located on the eastern slopes of Table Mountain. March, transitioning into fall, showcases a variety of flowering plants. Be sure to attend the open-air concerts in the garden, where cultural experiences combine with natural beauty.

Stellenbosch Wine Tours

March is a special time in Stellenbosch, when the peak grape harvest season arrives. Tour the vineyards, taste award-winning wines and learn about the winemaking process in one of South Africa's most famous wine regions, all in picturesque surroundings.

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Table mountain cable way, Cape Town, South Africa @ Shutterstock

Table mountain cable way, Cape Town, South Africa @ Shutterstock

Cape Point Nature Reserve

Explore the rugged landscapes of Cape Point, where the Indian and Atlantic Oceans meet. It's less crowded in March, allowing you to enjoy a more relaxed vacation. Hike up to the old lighthouse, spot wildlife and enjoy breathtaking ocean views.

Boulders Beach Penguin Colony

Visit Boulder's Beach to see endangered African penguins in their natural habitat. March offers the perfect balance of warm weather and fewer tourists, giving you the opportunity to observe penguins up close without the crowds of tourists during peak tourist season.

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Visit Cape Town in different months

Cape Town, the jewel at the tip of Africa, offers a variety of experiences throughout the year, each month bringing its unique charm and set of activities. Discover all that this vibrant city has to offer, regardless of the time of year:

  • April: experience mild fall weather, perfect for outdoor activities without the summer heat, as well as spectacular fall foliage.
  • May: the beginning of the cooler season, ideal for cultural vacations as indoor activities and museums become more appealing.
  • June: welcome the winter months with a cozy dinner by the fireplace and whale watching as southern right whales begin to appear.
  • July: immerse yourself in the heart of winter with serene scenery, fewer tourists and the famous Knysna Oyster Festival.
  • August: witness the wildflowers blooming in the Western Cape and enjoy the cool but improving weather as winter begins to fade.
  • September: celebrate the arrival of spring with breathtaking floral displays in the Cape Floral Region and mild weather for outdoor adventures.
  • October: enjoy a vibrant spring ideal for whale watching, shark cage diving and visiting the blooming Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens.
  • November: feel the warmth of late spring as the city prepares for the busy summer season. It's the perfect time for an early visit to the beach and al fresco dining.
  • December: immerse yourself in the holiday season with sunny days, bustling markets and lively beaches, marking the beginning of the summer vacation rush.
  • January: experience the peak of summer with perfect beach weather, vibrant nightlife and a lively minstrel carnival in Cape Town.
  • February: enjoy the last of the hot summer days and fewer people. This is the perfect time to visit the city's famous vineyards and outdoor festivals.
Olga Sitnitsa

written by
Olga Sitnitsa

updated 03.06.2024

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