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updated 7/19/2019
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Catch live music, shop for traditional crafts, or just hang out eating and drinking in Ethiopia’s modern capital.

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#02 South Omo

This thrillingly remote area by the Kenyan border is home to some of Africa’s most staunchly traditionalist animist tribes.

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#03 Aksum

Mysterious ruined palaces and skyscraping stelae scatter the two-thousand year-old capital of a trade empire that thrived alongside Ancient Greece and Rome.

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#04 Simien Mountains National Park

Protecting the highest range in Ethiopia, this national park offers opportunities for great hiking and spotting endemic wildlife aplenty.

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#05 Harar

This walled city in the eastern highlands is rich in Islamic shrines and home to the famed hyena men of Harar.

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#06 Lalibela

Still in active use, the medieval complex of churches carved into the rocks of Lalibela is as architecturally impressive as it is spiritually affecting.

Lalibela is known for its Christmas celebrations. Don't miss our guide to Ethiopian Christmas.

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#07 Rift Valley lakes

The seven natural lakes that stud Ethiopia’s southern Rift Valley form prime birdwatching and chill-out territory.

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#08 Gondar

The beautifully painted church of Debre Birhan Selassie and commanding stone castle built by Emperor Fasil are highlights of Ethiopia’s seventeenth-century capital.

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updated 7/19/2019
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