With summer on the way, the landmark 338m-high Macau Tower has launched a new season of its Night Bungy experience. Yes, you read that right. You can plunge 233 metres off the side of a building at speeds of 200km/h – in the dark.

The frankly terrifying free-fall lasts five seconds, offering a adrenalin-inducing hit of terror sure to put this Guinness World Record jump at the top of many a thrill-seeker's bucket list. And if you can quell your shaking legs before stepping over the brink, there's quite a view. During the day you can see as far as 55 kilometres away, while at night the twinkling lights of Macau's hotels and casinos stretch out beneath you.

The only downside? You'll need to fork out for the experience: prices start at MOP3088. Although if you go for the "full package" they'll even strap a GoPro to your head to capture your terror second-by-second.

Are you brave enough?