It's not the longest slide, nor is it the steepest, but it's made of glass and it sits almost 300m above Downtown LA on the side of the US Bank Tower.

The Skyslide is the latest in a craze for unusual and cool slides around the world, and probably takes the trophy for the scariest. This 45ft-long, fully enclosed glass slide provides a few seconds of absolute terror, as you scoot on your backside from the 70th floor to down to the 69th on the outside of US Bank Tower in Downtown LA. You touch down on the OUE Skyspace observation deck where you can shake off those jelly legs while marvelling at the 360-degree views of the city, and on a clear day see up to 34 miles into the distance.

The slide itself weighs over 3000kg its glass is 1-inch thick – which is significantly thinner than that in China's latest knee-jerking glass bridge. There's no doubt: this is a slide only for the seriously daring.