If howling winds and unrelenting rains aren't your idea of a romantic break, then perhaps this isn't the trip for you. But watch this video, and it might change your mind...

Norway's rugged coastline is battered by wild storms every winter, but that doesn't mean adventure, and even a bit of romance, isn't possible – as filmmaker Atle Bråthen and his girlfriend demonstrate in the video below.

Despite torrents of rain and lashing winds of up to 70mph, the couple braved the battering storms to spend a week camping in the gorgeous Lofoten Islands, just south of Trømso. In their beautifully-shot video, they hike over hills, bridges and boulders to find some gorgeously remote camping spots with magnificent views out to the never-ending sea.

Even under grey skies, Norway's untamed Lofoten Islands are one of the country's most spectacular locations, and this video proves it.

One week in Lofoten from Atle Bråthen on Vimeo.