Amid frequent media distortion and the barrage of opinionated information in our news feeds, it’s pretty easy to get the wrong impression about less-visited travel destinations.

In this short video, travel filmmaker Benjamin Martinie (AKA, Tolt) challenges widespread preconceptions about travel in Iran with the heavily satiric title: Don’t go to Iran. Here, Martinie exposes the contradiction between what we are often told and what we may actually experience when visiting a place ourselves.

The film presents snapshots of stunning vistas, exquisite Islamic architecture, lively cultures, well-educated youth, a wealth of history and a mouth-watering local gastronomy.

Yes, Iran is fraught with its fair share of political issues, and poses some complex challenges to many travellers. But it’s the heartfelt friendliness of the Iranian people – gleaming through in almost every scene of this video – that will tempt you to set off on your own Iranian adventure.

Don't go to Iran from Tolt on Vimeo.