Proving that revenge doesn’t taste sweet so much as tomatoey, Italy has officially reclaimed the title of “World’s Longest Pizza” from previous record-holders Spain. They took the title at the Expo Milano 2015 by baking a 1596.45m-long pizza – that’s nearly a mile of doughy, cheesy goodness.

WOrld's longest pizza Italy, Expo Milano

The massive margherita comes with some impressive stats: 1.5 tons of tomato sauce, 2.5 tons of dough, 1.7 tons of mozzarella, 150 litres of oil and 5 pizza ovens. All of the ingredients came from Italy, and over eighty pizza-makers from throughout the country worked together to make the record-breaking flatbread.

Lucky Expo-goers were given slices after measurements were complete, and 300m-worth was distributed to Milanese food banks and emergency associations.

Though this bake off of epic proportions was a one-time only event, the Expo this year is themed around “feeding the planet, energy for life” so you can be sure to find plenty more lip-smackingly good Italian grub to try if you visit.

Photo credits: Expo 2015/Daniele Mascolo