If you love dark, you’re going to love this piece of news.

No, that wasn’t a slip of the keyboard. The tiny Channel Island of Sark has some of the darkest skies on the planet, and this weekend astro-enthusiasts will flock (or rather, bob) to the island as it opens its very first observatory to the public.

This eccentric, ex-Feudal island – only accessible by boat – lies between Guernsey and Jersey, around 80 miles south of England. In 2011 it was named the world’s first ‘Dark Sky Island’ for the remarkable clarity of its night sky, not surprising on an island without any cars or street lamps and a population of just 600.

Milky Way, Sark, Channel Islands

The two-room observatory has been built in the centre of the island where the sky is at its darkest. One room houses the Sark Astronomy Society’s mammoth telescope, with a sliding roof unveiling the epic sky above. The other is a “warm room” with a screen linking to the telescope.

This isn’t quite on the same scale as Britain’s Jodrell Bank or Herstmonceux observatories, but the stargazing experience is up there with the best.

Check out visitguernsey.com for more information on Guernsey and Sark. More details on the observatory project can be found on the Sark Astronomical Society’s website sastros.sark.ggStocks Hotel are running an all-inclusive Sark Trek package for £270.

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