Mastercard have just released their annual Global Destinations Cities Index, revealing the most-visited cities of the year based on international visitors.

Asian destinations dominate the list this year, with Bangkok in top-ranked position receiving 21.47 million overnight visitors. Singapore and Kuala Lumpur also saw an increase in travellers, moving up one rank to sixth and seventh respectively.

The report also notes that unsurprisingly “the peak seasons of the destination cities clearly reflect their climate”. Dubai, for example, is more popular in winter, while London and New York City are favoured in spring and summer.

You can read the full list below.

10. Seoul

Seoul, South Korea

Image via Pixabay/CC0

9. Tokyo

Tokyo, Japan

Image via Pixabay/CC0

8. Istanbul

Istanbul, Turkey

Image via Pixabay/CC0

7. Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Image via Pixabay/CC0

6. Singapore

marina bay, Singapore

Image via Pixabay/CC0

5. New York City

New York City, USA

Image via Pixabay/CC0

4. Dubai

Dubai, UAE

Image via Pixabay/CC0

3. Paris

Paris, France

Image via Pixabay/CC0

2. London

London, UK

Image via Pixabay/CC0

1. Bangkok

Bangkok, Thailand

Image via Pixabay/CC0

Header image via Pixabay/CC0

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