Education should be free for all, and what better way to learn than travelling the world? Unfortunately, this doesn't often come free but you shouldn't let cash hold you back from discovering new cultures, exploring an ancient settlement or discovering the contours of a mountain range. That's why, in our Rough Guide to 2014, we've come up with the world's best-value destinations for you to explore this year.

The Rough Guide to 2014: best-value destinations

When you think Vegas you think $$$$, but it doesn't have to be expensive – just don't rack up a huge loss on those one-armed bandits. Bali and Bolivia offer great value for money, where £4 ($6.50) will rent you a motorbike or £30 ($50) a day will see you sailing comfortably. If you want to know where you can stretch your cash furthest, check out the Rough Guide to the best-value destinations of 2014.

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We've also got a rundown of the top ten countries and top ten cities, as well as a comprehensive month-by-month guide to travel in 2014. See the entire Rough Guide to 2014 here.

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