Where to stay in Lisbon

updated 12/15/2020
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Want to know where to stay in Lisbon? Take a look at our district by district accommodation guide. Remember real bargains are found off-season. Lisbon gets busy from June to September. And prices are highest during summer. The information in this article is taken from The Rough Guide to Portugal, your essential guide for visiting Portugal.

Where to stay in Lisbon: Baixa and Chiado

Downtown Baixa is packed with handsome buildings. It's flanked by Praças Rossio, Figueira and Praça do Comércio. Many traditional shops are still here - some date back to the 18th century. Most commercial buildings are now hotels and guesthouses. So Baixa is a good area for accommodation. Adjacent Chiado is also an option.

Where to stay in Alfama

Alfama is Lisbon's oldest district. Here, steep streets thread past closely packed houses. And life's lived as it has been for centuries. This area was first settled by Moors in 7AD. For best views head up to Castelo de São Jorge. From there you can gaze over rooftops to the Tagus. Expect plenty Fado restaurants and tourist shops in Alfama. But you get plenty old world charm too.

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Alfama is where to stay in Lisbon for atmosphere © Sean Pavone/Shutterstock

Where to stay in Avenida da Liberdade

Wide Avenida da Liberdade is a mile of Portugal’s priciest real estate. It's where embassies and consulates live. And you'll find designer shops here too. It slopes downhill from Parque Eduardo VII to Baixa. And it's walking distance from most Lisbon attractions.

Want to explore Lisbon in depth? Take the histories, lifestyles and stories essential city tour.

Parque Eduardo VII, where to stay in Lisbon for great city views © JoaoKrull/Shutterstock

Where to stay in Lisbon: Bairro Alto

High District Bairro Alto is Lisbon's boho quarter. It's a grid of densely packed streets. Expect a mix of shops, bars, restaurants and houses. Quiet by day, the district comes alive after midnight. In summer it can seem like a permanent street party until dawn. Not the district for early nights. But perfect for nightlife. Stay on the fringes to avoid noisiest streets.

  • Best for stellar views? BookThe Independente. Part hostel, part boutique hotel in a fantastic old building.
  • Best for foodies? Go forBairro Alto Hotel. 18th century building now a boutique hotel. Award winning restaurant.

Bairro Alto, where to stay in Lisbon Portugal for nightlife © ingehogenbijl/Shutterstock

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Where to stay in Cais do Sodré

Once seedy Cais do Sodré has had a makeover. Formerly disreputable bars and clubs now attract hip urbanites. There’s an appealing riverfront promenade. Look out for sleek warehouse conversions. And Mercado da Ribeira is now given over to cool food stalls. Cais do Sodré has plenty smart restaurants and bars these days. But many budget hangouts remain. So it's still quite appealingly earthy.

  • Best stay for socialising?Casa do Mercado is a few minutes' walk from Mercado da Ribeira.
  • Best for fans of fado? Smart, little hotel in converted townhouse. LX Boutique is fado themed.

Pasteis de nata on sale at Mercado Ribeira © Olesya Kuznetsova/Shutterstock

Where to stay in Lapa and Madragoa

Lapa and Madragoa is west of central Lisbon. This is the city's upmarket residential side. Yet it's close to the city centre and several historic sites. The Museu Nacional de Arte Antiga is also in this district.

Find characterful places to stay all over Lisbon © Frank Spee/Shutterstock

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Where to stay in Belém

In 1497, Vasco da Gama set sail from Belém to India. His trade routes established Portugal as a superpower. To give thanks, King Manuel I built the Jerónimos monastery. And it's Belém's showstopper to this day. Torre de Belém and the Berardo Collection are also in Belém.

  • Best for exploring? Discover Hotel Jeronimos 8, minutes from the magnificent monastery.
  • Best for five star luxury? Try Altis Belem for its Michelin starred restaurant, swimming pools and rooftop sundeck.

Where to stay in Parque das Nações

Parque das Nações was built for Lisbon’s Expo '98. It’s a new town of modern apartments and gardens. The airport is nearby. And the science museum and Oceanarium are in this district too. You’ll find restaurants, bars and venues here. And Vasco da Gama Shopping Centre is another local. The district faces the Tagus and 17km-long Ponte Vasco da Gama. It's Europe's longest road bridge and a must-do drive at sunset.

  • Best for river views? Climb aboard Tagus Marina narrowboats for an individual stay in Parque das Nações.
  • Best for a bit of extravagance? Pick boldMyriad by Sana for full-on facilities including spa and gym.

Ponte Vasco da Gama in Parque das Nações, Lisbon © Henrique Silva/Shutterstock

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