Old Havana, or Habana Vieja, oozes history. There's nowhere else quite like this living museum of Cuban culture – a city where time stopped short and you'll find stop-and-stare images everywhere you turn.

1950s American cars in blazing colours are parked on the edge of the road. Cycle rickshaws glide swiftly through the traffic. Narrow side streets hide buildings painted in every shade of pastel. Plants tumble over the side of crumbling balconies.

The area is a photographer's dream, but it lends itself even better to film. In our video of the week below, Roland Cadieux expertly captures its energy and colour.

"There's a place I go to where no-one knows me, but it's not lonely" Matt Simons' lyrics ring out as the film begins – we can't think of a better introduction to Cuba's beguiling capital.

Havana, Cuba from Roland Cadieux on Vimeo.