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June in Madeira is an elegant midsummer, when warm temperatures are tempered by soothing Atlantic breezes. As the rainy season fades away, the sunny weather in Madeira in June invites you to discover stunning peaks, enchanting gardens and pretty villages. The combination of beautiful weather and a mild, welcoming climate makes June perfect for adventuring through the levadas, enjoying local cuisine or relaxing on the serene coastline.

Highlights Madeira weather in June

June in Madeira is a piece of paradise where every day promises a new adventure under the sun. Let's delve into what makes this month so enchanting:

  • Moderate climate: June brings warm days with temperatures close to ideal. The climate is in a comfortable range, neither too hot nor too cool, creating ideal conditions for both leisurely strolls through Madeira's cobbled streets and ambitious hikes through its rugged landscapes.
  • Soothing sea breezes: the Atlantic Ocean, vast and majestic, breathes life into Madeira with its gentle breezes. These zephyrs not only soothe the heat but also invigorate the soul, making boat trips and beach vacations infinitely more enjoyable.
  • Abundant sunshine: In June, the sun dominates the city, chasing away the clouds and showering tourists and locals alike with unbridled sunshine. Thanks to this constant light, every corner of Madeira, from the highest peaks to the deepest valleys, is flooded with warm golden light, perfect for photographing, painting or simply contemplating the beauty of nature.
  • Ready for outdoor adventure: The weather in Madeira in June is a call for outdoor activities. The famous levadas - unique irrigation canals that serve as walking trails - offer unprecedented access to the island's lush and verdant interior. The clear temperate waters surrounding Madeira beckon snorkeling and diving enthusiasts to explore its underwater sanctuaries.

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Is June a good time to visit Madeira?

The weather in Madeira in June is one of the reasons why this month is one of the best times to visit the island. This month is characterized by long sunny days with minimal rainfall, creating the perfect backdrop for exploring the natural and cultural treasures of the island. The temperate climate, characterized by warm days and mild nights, is ideal for everything from hiking through picturesque levadas to leisurely beach vacations and exploring charming villages.

In terms of tourist seasons, June is on the cusp of Madeira's high season, which peaks in July and August. This time means you can still enjoy slightly fewer people and lower prices than the peak season but still enjoy the vibrant life and outdoor attractions of the warmer months.

In terms of rainfall, June is one of the driest months in Madeira. Average rainfall is significantly less than in winter and early spring, which contributes to an abundance of outdoor activities and lush, colorful scenery that can be enjoyed without the hindrance of rain.

Overall, June is a great time to visit Madeira due to favorable weather conditions, a variety of activities, and a balance between the bustling high season and the quieter months. This time offers an exquisite taste of summer in Madeira without the peak season crowds, making it an ideal choice for both adventure and relaxation.

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Portugal, Madeira, city of Funchal on landscape seen from Pico dos Barcelos

Portugal, Madeira, city of Funchal on landscape seen from Pico dos Barcelos © Shutterstock

Average temperatures in Madeira in June

Madeira enjoys a mild and pleasant climate in June, which is ideal if you want to enjoy the island's natural beauty and outdoor activities. The average high temperature in this month ranges around 22°C (72°F), while the average low temperature is around 16°C (61°F).

Fluctuations in temperature during the day and night in June are relatively moderate, allowing you to adapt your plans and clothing accordingly. Mornings and late evenings are cooler, which is ideal for activities such as hiking or exploring the levadas, while midday temperatures are warm enough for beach walks and water sports without becoming uncomfortably hot.

When comparing June temperatures to other seasons, the island is coolest from December to February, with average temperatures ranging from 13°C (55°F) at night to 19°C (66°F) during the day. During the summer months, including July and August, Madeira is at its warmest, although temperatures remain moderate compared to many other summer destinations. From September to November, temperatures drop slightly with an increased chance of rainfall as the season progresses.

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What about the crowd & cost?

June in Madeira offers the perfect combination of rising warmth and moderate tourist numbers, which is comfortably positioned just before the peak of the high season. Although tourist numbers are beginning to rise, they have not yet reached their summer zenith, allowing for a nice balance between a lively atmosphere and ample space to explore. 

Prices begin to reflect the approach of high season but remain more affordable than in July and August, presenting an attractive compromise between cost and experience. This month represents the perfect harmony if you want to enjoy Madeira's great weather and diverse attractions without the crowds and peak season prices, making it a particularly favorable time to visit.


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Unforgettable and customisable Portugal itineraries

Are you ready to plan your dream trip to Portugal? The local experts at Rough Guides can help you create a fully customized and unforgettable itinerary tailored to your preferences. Here are three tantalizing travel options you should consider:

  • The cities of Portugal (9 days): Explore the two major Portuguese cities of Porto and Lisbon. Although you'll explore more than just the cities, on this trip you'll see the beautiful Duoro Valley by bike, the Minho region (Portugal's birthplace), learn more about wine making, relax on Nazare Beach, and more!
  • Madeira and São Miguel - guided island adventures (9 days): Visit Portugal's two autonomous regions: Madeira, the island of eternal spring as it is known, and São Miguel, nicknamed the green island. Guided tours will introduce you to the highlights of both islands, with plenty of time to explore on your own or simply relax.
  • Discovering the coast of Portugal (11 days): Explore the beautiful cities along Portugal's coast. Start your journey by exploring historic sites and wineries in Porto, and from there head south to Lisbon. Along the way, you'll have the opportunity to visit charming coastal towns, spectacular cliffs and national parks.
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What to do and see in Madeira in June?

The pleasant weather in Madeira in June and the vibrant scenery make the island a treasure trove of experiences. Here are a few attractive June activities in Madeira:

  • Visit the Botanical Garden of Funchal: The Botanical Garden offers panoramic views of Funchal and a tranquil retreat among exotic plants and themed gardens.
  • Explore the traditional houses of Santana: These iconic triangular thatched houses offer a glimpse into Madeira's rural heritage and cultural history against the backdrop of Santana's mesmerizing landscapes.
  • Taste Madeira's wine: No visit is complete without a tasting of Madeira's world-famous wine. Take part in a tasting at one of Funchal's wine houses or a tour of the vineyards to discover the rich history and diversity of this exquisite beverage.
  • Visit the Atlantic Festival: If your visit coincides with the beginning of June, don't miss the Atlantic Festival in Funchal. This event combines international fireworks competitions and musical concerts, transforming the capital into a lively spectacle of sound and color.

Madeira offers only a fraction of the unique experiences that Portugal has to offer. For even more ideas for your vacation, see our guide to the best things to do in Portugal.

Wine barrels in Madeira, Portugal

Wine barrels in Madeira, Portugal © Shutterstock

Visit Madeira in different months

A year-round paradise, Madeira offers unique experiences every month to suit a variety of travelers' preferences. Whether you are looking for outdoor adventures, cultural events or just a relaxing vacation in nature, Madeira's diverse climate and activities ensure that there is always something special to do here.

  • July: Enjoy the summer heat, ideal for beach walks and water sports in Madeira's crystal clear waters.
  • August: Experience the peak of summer with lively street festivals, including the popular Madeira Wine Festival.
  • September: Take advantage of warm seas and less crowded attractions as the high season comes to an end.
  • October: Watch the leaves change and enjoy the mild weather, ideal for exploring the island's natural landscapes.
  • November: Enjoy the quieter side of Madeira and the wine harvest festivities, ideal for food lovers.
  • December: Get into the festive spirit with Madeira's famous Christmas lights and New Year's Eve fireworks.
  • January: Experience the tranquility of post-holiday Madeira, ideal for enjoying its natural beauty without the crowds of tourists.
  • February: Take part in the vibrant festivities of the Madeira Carnival, one of the most colorful and lively events on the island.
  • March: Spring awakens with blooming flowers and ideal temperatures for hiking and outdoor activities.
  • April:  Delight in the Madeira Flower Festival, where the island explodes with color and fragrant displays.
  • May: Enjoy comfortable temperatures and the start of the season of outdoor activities, including the Madeira Island Ultra Trail.
Olga Sitnitsa

written by
Olga Sitnitsa

updated 03.06.2024

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