Announcing the launch of the Rough Guides Travel Sense series that will bring destinations to life like never before. 

This week we're excited to announce the launch of a brand new series. Featuring groundbreaking AccuScent technology, Rough Guides Travel Sense will transport you and your senses with just the turn of a page. State-of-the-art peel-back panels throughout the guide will allow you to not only immerse yourself in the sights, but also the smells of your destination. Activated by a chemical reaction between the thymolphthalein gel and the air, the scents can also be enjoyed again and again.

Travel Sense, Rough Guides scented books

Starting with a number of our Asia titles, the Rough Guides Travel Sense series will tease your nostrils with the aromas of delectable street food of Shanghai, the vibrant markets in Hanoi or the pungent incense sticks burned in the Hindu temples of India. You'll be able to smell the sweet tea of Myanmar before you leave your living room, then follow your nose on an incredible journey through the Cambodian countryside.

Rough Guides Travel Sense (RRP £15.99/$22.99) are available from all major bookshops from April 1st 2015.