We've all done it: put on a few extra layers to save space in our hand luggage or worn hiking boots to the airport so we didn't have to pack them in our carry-on bags. But how desperate are you to take that extra outfit on your next trip?

With tight budget airline hand baggage restrictions, travelling light is often necessary – if you want to avoid getting stuck at baggage claim on your next city break, you've got to make sacrifices. Sacrifices that often come in the form of space. But one company has come up with a solution – just as long as you're willing to wear your toiletries.

Stuffa jacket

The Stuffa Odyssey jacket is no ordinary waterproof... From the outside it's a simple jacket, but the removable inside is a warren of 12 different pockets, with space to "carry enough kit for a short trip". So instead of leaving the extra bulk behind, you can pack it all in to your clothes.

The question is though, would you really wear it, just for the sake of a spare pair of socks or two? Is it genius, or just plain silly?