Which goes faster, the plane or the car? Finally, we have an answer to this age-old question...

Okay, so it's not exactly an age-old question. But now we've asked it, you want to know the answer don't you? Well, you're in luck – kind of. Qantas and Tesla have gone head-to-head to find out once and for all which vehicle goes faster – the plane or the electric car.

In this drag race at Avalon Airport near Melbourne, Australia, the pilots prepare their various switches on the flight deck, while the driver of the car sets his acceleration from 'sport' to 'ludicrous'. The plane and car then accelerate to full speed (155mph) and are neck-and-neck for much of the way. But just as the Tesla is about to overtake the plane, the aircraft takes off and flies away. A somewhat unsatisfying ending to the race.

The expensive stunt was a collaboration between the two brands to raise awareness for sustainable travel and fittingly, all emissions have been offset by Qantas' Future Planet Program.