The Amazon is a land of true superlatives. The biggest river system in the world, it features eight of its top twenty longest waterways across 80,000 square kilometres of navigable passages, and churns a fifth of the globe's fresh water through the largest rainforest on the planet. Spanning seven countries - Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Guyana, Peru, and Venezuela - it's one of Earth's most vital organs and a bewildering place to navigate.

In the first of our Great Rivers Of The World series, we're taking a look at this magnificent region through the magic of Thinglink. Click on the Rough Guides map below for photos, videos and audio from along the length of the river. Watch sunrise on the Rio Negro tributary, float lazily past Manaus, take a flight over the state of Amapá and feel the rhythm of Carimbó in Belém near its mouth. What are your own favourite Amazon moments?

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