The Philippines is beautiful from the ground, but from above it's even better. This video soars hundreds of metres into the air to give you a bird's-eye view – and it's awesome.

From White Beach on Boracay to the little town of El Nido, Frédéric Bussière's drone camera captures the stunning scenery of this southeast-Asian archipelago. As the camera soars, the ocean turns a hundred different shades of blue and the dazzling beaches make a striking contrast against the green, waving palm forests that lie beside them. Local children splash in the clear waters, boats bob in empty coves and when the camera pulls away from the beach, there is no one but its owner to be seen on the vast stretch of sand below.

If you didn't have the Philippines on your bucket list already, this video will put it firmly in place.

Philippines From The Sky from Frédéric Bussière on Vimeo.