ecause robot restaurants and themed cafés aren't enough: Tokyo is now home to a Godzilla-themed hotel. Towering thirty storeys above Shinjuku in the Japanese capital, the Gracery Hotel revealed a new permanent resident last Friday – an enormous Godzilla head that menacingly overlooks the streets below.

In a bid to cash in on the Godzilla hype (last year's Hollywood hit made more than US$200 million and a new Japanese version is set for release in 2016), the hotel has created two ways for tourists to experience this cold-blooded creature. You can either stay under the hungry, watchful eyes of the mutant lizard in the "Godzilla view room" where the red-eyed beast peers through the window, or if you're feeling brave, check into the "Godzilla room", where an enormous dinosaur claw hovers over the bed, ready to snatch you in your sleep.

Explore more of the roarsome rooms and life-sized lizard statues in the video tour below. If you make your reservation online, you can get even your claws on some of the in-room Godzilla memorabilia. OK, we'll scale back on the lizard puns now...