Since GoPro was founded in 2004, they’ve inspired photographers to capture the world from a new angle. Today there’s a huge range of small and versatile waterproof cameras on the market, which can be remote controlled and mounted on everything from surfboards to guitars, and the scope for invention is endless. There’s enough footage out there to keep you entertained for years, so we’ve picked ten of the best GoPro videos.  

An eagle’s eye view

This footage, filmed from a camera mounted on the back of a white-tailed eagle as it soars over the French Alps near Chamonix, is simply fantastic. It was captured by the FREEDOM project who release birds born in captivity back into the wild, teaching them to fly and hunt. Unsurprisingly it’s had over eight million views on YouTube to date.

Holi: festival of colour

Watch filmmaker Dan get covered from head-to-toe in brightly-coloured powder as he celebrates Holi festival in Mathura in this fun three-minute film. The slow-motion footage perfectly captures the elation of the festival-goers as they gleefully pelt him with handfuls of orange, green, pink, purple, blue and yellow dust.

Freedom in Fiji

An artfully edited film that’s one of the most evocative videos we’ve seen. Skilfully combining hand-held, drone, underwater and surfboard-mounted camera footage, Benjamin Williams captures the trip of a lifetime to "find freedom" in Fiji.

Kama the surfing pig

Meet Kama, the surfing pig who’s been making waves with his on-board antics in Oahu, Hawaii. Filmed from both a board-mounted camera and Kama’s harness, this video is guaranteed to make you smile. “He just followed me into the water, jumped on the board, paddled out and got his first wave… everybody was tripping”, says owner Kai Holt during the clip.

Touchdown in Sion valley

This video doesn’t have great background music or arty editing, but we think the cockpit footage from a plane coming into land speaks for itself. The short clip was filmed by the pilot of a Bombardier Challenger 300 on his descent into a snowy Sion valley, Switzerland, on Christmas day.

Koh Yao Noi

Philip Bloom made this film in Thailand for GoPro’s own YouTube channel with the help of a DJI Phantom drone. Beautifully shot, its dreamy sunset sequences, endless reflections and odd cameo by inquisitive local kids are utterly entrancing. If this doesn’t make you want to jump on a flight to visit Koh Yao Noi, we don’t know what will.

A grizzly ate my GoPro!

While he was filming for the BBC in Alaska, a wandering grizzly took a liking to Brad Joseph’s camera, treating viewers to a scarily slobbery in-mouth shot. It doesn’t take long before the bear gets bored, however, dropping the camera in a shallow stream and insouciantly wandering off in search of a more satisfying dinner.

Inside North Korea

Ever wanted a glimpse inside the world’s most secretive state? Earlier this year the government granted unprecedented access to Aram Pan’s DPRK 360 project, allowing a camera to be mounted to a tour guide’s car. The blustery 22-minute clip takes you around the eerily quiet streets of the capital, Pyongyang, the odd cluster of pedestrians dwarfed by the stark communist architecture.

Vertical skydiving record

In 2012 a new vertical skydiving world record was set, with 138 people falling in formation at more than 200mph above Illinois. Here’s the spectacular footage of their descent and mid-air snowflake formation – a must-watch for adrenaline junkies and filmmakers alike.

Run Walter, run!

What do you get when you strap a camera to the back of an over-excited Labrador? Internet gold, it seems. This adorable clip was viewed over ten million times within a week of being uploaded. If it’s not already graced your Facebook feed, prepare to be enamoured by Walter’s boundless energy as he leaps down to towards the sea in Siracusa, Sicily.

Have we missed your favourite video? Have you filmed some great footage with a GoPro camera? Let us know in the comments. Book hostels for your trip, and don't forget to purchase travel insurance before you go.