rough guide romania coverWith its dark forests and gorgeous mountain scenery, Romania is destination bound to awe. But it's not just the countryside that can impress: elaborate castles are dotted throughout the country, then there's the colourful citadel of Sighișoara and the imposing Stalinist architecture of the capital, Bucharest.

If you've not thought about visiting Romania before, you certainly will after seeing these gorgeous pictures of country from some of Picfair's best photographers.

An old abandoned railroad

Romanian railroadLefteye/Picfair 

Council Square, Brasov

BRASOV, ROMANIA - 8th JUNE 2014: Image with Council Square and Black Church, built bysaxons in Brasov. Main attraction in medieval city of Transylvania.Emi Cristea/Picfair

A castle in the Carpathians

Castle in the Carpathians, RomaniaCiprian/Picfair

Sibiu at sunset

Sibiu at sunset, RomaniaMartin Wallmen/Picfair

Corvin castle, Hunedoara

Corvin castle, a medieval building in Hunedoara, RomaniaSava Cosmin­ Constantin/Picfair

The Cozia mountains

Cozia Mountains, Romania, EuropeLefteye/Picfair

Devil's Mill at sunset

Devil's Mill at sunsetAlex Negoita/Picfair

Evangel Cathedral, Sibiu

Sibiu, RomaniaCornel Putan/Picfair

Peleș castle, Sinaia

Peles castle, Sinaia, RomaniaYordan Rusev/Picfair

Parliament building, Bucharest

Building of Romanian Parliament in Bucharest RomaniaStefan Tomic/Picfair

A shepherd in the countryside

Shepherd in Romania, EuropeMartin Wallmen/Picfair

Square in Sibiu

Square in Sibiu, RomaniaDumitu Dragos/Picfair

Star trails over the hills

Startrails in RomaniaMartin Wallmen/Picfair

The Transfagarasn Highway

The Transfagarasn Highway, RomaniaCornel Putan/Picfair

Thunder and lightning in Timișoara

Romania, Bucharest, lightningCornel Putan/Picfair

A hairpin bend in the road

U-Turn in Romanian road, RomaniaMartin Wallmen/Picfair

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