Weather in Sri Lanka in June

If you're dreaming of a getaway to the tropical haven of Sri Lanka this June, you’ll want to prepare yourself for lush landscapes, rich culture, and above all: rain. June marks the off-season for tourism in Sri Lanka, meaning fewer crowds and more opportunities to discover hidden gems off the beaten path. Here’s our guide to the weather in Sri Lanka in June. 

Weather in Sri Lanka in June at a glance:

  • June falls during the southwest monsoon season in Sri Lanka.
  • Western, southern, and central areas experience heavy and frequent rain showers, while the northern and eastern parts of the country see relatively less rain.
  • Average temperatures range from 26°C to 30°C (79°F to 86°F), with cooler temperatures in the hill country.

Is June a good time to visit Sri Lanka?

 June can be a solid time to experience Sri Lanka in all its relaxed and authentic glory. Just make sure you're ready for monsoon rain showers and varying weather conditions. 

During June, you might encounter a bit of a mixed bag weather-wise across the country. While the southwest region might still get some rainfall, especially early in the month, other areas like the east coast tend to be drier and perfect for beach bums.

Temperatures during June typically stay warm and comfortable. That said — don't forget that umbrella, because rain showers, especially in the afternoons or evenings, are definitely on the cards. 

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Dambulla, Sri Lanka

The weather in Sri Lanka in June is great for seeing cultural sites  © Shutterstock

Temperatures in Sri Lanka in June

Overall, June brings warm temperatures across the country, creating a perfect environment for exploring. However, there are variations in rainfall levels depending on the region. In the north and southeast, you'll experience relatively lower rainfall, making it a bit drier. Meanwhile, in the southwest, there's more precipitation, which contributes to slightly cooler temperatures in that area.

North Sri Lanka

In the northern part, including cities like Jaffna and Mannar, the average high temperatures range between 31-33°C (88-91°F), with lows typically around 25-27°C (77-81°F). Despite the warm temperatures, this region tends to receive relatively low rainfall during June, averaging around 50-100mm for the month.

Southwest Sri Lanka

Moving to southwest Sri Lanka, encompassing cities like Colombo and Galle, temperatures remain warm but slightly cooler than the north. Here, the average high temperatures range from 29-31°C (84-88°F), while lows range from 24-26°C (75-79°F). June brings increased rainfall to this region, with precipitation levels averaging around 200-300mm.

Southeast Sri Lanka

In the southeast region, including areas like Batticaloa and Trincomalee, temperatures are similar to those in the north and southwest. Highs typically reach 31-33°C (88-91°F), with lows around 25-27°C (77-81°F). Rainfall in this area remains moderate during June, with an average of 100-150mm for the month.

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Tea, Sri Lanka

Tea, Sri Lanka © Shutterstock

Can it rain in Sri Lanka in June?

Weather in Sri Lanka in June marks the peak of the southwest monsoon season. Brace yourselves for heavy rainfall and a hefty dose of humidity across the island. Picture frequent showers, thunderstorms, and grey skies, especially in central and southern regions. Outdoor activities may be limited thanks to the wet weather, and keep an eye out for flooded roads and landslides, especially in hilly terrain.

On average, Sri Lanka receives around 300-400mm of rainfall in June, with the southern and western regions experiencing the most. The is rain heavy, persistent, and might put a dampener on your travel plans — especially if you're venturing into low-lying areas.

Overall, June isn't your classic sunny Sri Lankan getaway. The heavy rainfall and increased humidity can significantly impact outdoor activities and transportation, making it challenging to explore the country.  That said, if you're up for embracing the monsoon season, it could still be an unforgettable adventure. Just remember to pack your rain gear!

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What about crowds and costs?

Sri Lanka slips into its low tourist season during June as the monsoon season starts making its presence felt. This means you'll see fewer tourists hanging around, giving you more space to chill out at all those popular spots and beaches. 

Plus, you'll notice that prices for places to stay and things to do take a nosedive compared to earlier months, making June one of the best times to save some cash while exploring Sri Lanka.

That said, the reason for the low season is the heavy rains. So, if you've got outdoor plans or sightseeing on your agenda, just be ready for a bit of rain and some cloudy skies.

 If you're all about snagging a deal and don't mind a bit of rain, June could be a great time to visit. If you prefer better weather, maybe try to plan your trip during the shoulder seasons of March or August. 

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The spectacular Knuckles mountain range in Sri Lanka

The spectacular Knuckles mountain range in Sri Lanka © Shutterstock

What to do in Sri Lanka in June

When planning your trip to Sri Lanka, it's worth checking if your visit aligns with one of the country's captivating festivals or events. Remember, booking your accommodation early is crucial to ensure you have a comfortable stay, especially during busy periods. And for more ideas to make the most of your Sri Lankan experience, explore our curated list of the best things to do in the country. 

Poson Full Moon Festival

First up, we have the Poson Full Moon Festival, a significant celebration commemorating the introduction of Buddhism to Sri Lanka by Arahat Mahinda. 

This festival holds immense importance for Buddhists and is marked by religious observances, temple illuminations, and almsgiving. You have the chance to witness pilgrimages to sacred sites like Mihintale and Anuradhapura, where colorful processions and cultural performances take center stage. 

Esala Festival

Held in Kandy, the Esala Festival is one of Sri Lanka's most spectacular cultural events. It culminates in the grand Esala Perahera, a procession featuring beautifully adorned elephants, traditional dancers, and musicians. Here you can witness the vibrant pageantry, religious rituals, and cultural displays that highlight the rich heritage of Sri Lanka.

Kitesurfing Championships in Kalpitiya

For adrenaline junkies and beach lovers, Kalpitiya is the place to be in June as it hosts the annual Kitesurfing Championships. Watch in awe as skilled athletes take on the wind and waves, showcasing thrilling displays of skill and agility.

The event promises a lively atmosphere with beachside festivities and plenty of opportunities to interact and learn from kiteboarding enthusiasts. 

Ayurvedic spas

Ayurvedic spas in Sri Lanka offer a rejuvenating experience rooted in ancient holistic healing traditions. These spas, often set in serene and picturesque locations, provide a range of treatments designed to promote physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. 

Treatments typically include personalized Ayurvedic massages, herbal oil therapies, detoxification rituals, and dietary consultations, all based on an individual's unique body constitution or "dosha."

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Sri Lankan love cake © Shutterstock

Sri Lankan love cake © Shutterstock

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