In general, the climate is continental, with short, fairly hot summers and chilly winters. Spring can be the best time to visit, as the days tend to warm quickly, with consistently pleasant, mild weather for most of May. This is also the blossom season, when the fruit trees that line so many Slovak roads are in full flower. Autumn is also recommended, with clear and settled weather often lasting for days on end in September and October. With Slovakia being heavily forested, this is also a great time to appreciate the changing colours of the foliage.

Winter can be a good time to come to Bratislava: the city looks beautiful under snow. Other than the High Tatras, most other parts of the country have little to offer during winter, and sights generally stay firmly closed between November and March. Summer is, of course, still the season that sees the largest number of tourists. Certainly, temperatures are at their highest, with the occasional heat wave pushing readings well above 30°C.

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updated 4/26/2021
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