Puerto Rico has a hot and sunny tropical climate with an average yearly temperature of 26–27°C (80°F), but this can drop well into the teens at higher elevations in January and February. The driest period of the year runs roughly between January and April, but the island doesn’t really have distinct dry and wet seasons – showers are possible year-round, though the southwest corner is extremely dry and the north coast gets twice as much rain as the south. Rainfall usually picks up between May and October, and hurricanes are possible anytime between June and November, worth bearing in mind when deciding the best time to visit. Major hurricanes are mercifully rare, but can be devastating if they score a direct hit.

The peak tourist seasons run roughly from December to April and all of July and August. The winter sees North Americans flock to the island to escape cold weather, with San Juan inundated by cruise-ship visitors, while high summer is the holiday season for Puerto Ricans. Prices are highest and crowds thickest at these times, especially on the coast, and if you intend to visit at Christmas, New Year or Easter, book well in advance. The island has also been a popular Spring Break destination in recent years, with thousands of US college students invading the main resorts between February and March – bear this in mind when booking accommodation, especially if you want a tranquil experience.

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