How to get from Mexico City to Oaxaca

Travelling from Mexico City to Oaxaca takes you from the bustling heart of the country's capital to the charming southern state of Oaxaca, known for its indigenous traditions, culinary delights and natural beauty. In this article, we've put together ways of how to get from Mexico City to Oaxaca.

How to get from Mexico City to Oaxaca

Travelling from Mexico City to Oaxaca allows you to experience the rich cultural and natural diversity of Mexico. There are 3 ways to make this journey:

  • By plane: The fastest option is to take a domestic flight from Mexico City to Oaxaca's Xoxocotlán International Airport.
  • By bus: Long-distance buses, including ADO, offer comfortable and economical journeys on a variety of schedules.
  • By car: Renting a car provides flexibility and the opportunity to explore the scenic route at your own pace.

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Sunrise over rural mountain town in Oaxaca Mexico ©  OverlandTheAmericas/Shutterstock

Sunrise over rural mountain town in Oaxaca Mexico ©  OverlandTheAmericas/Shutterstock

How far is Oaxaca from Mexico City?

Mexico City is quite far from Oaxaca and the distance between the cities is approximately 462 kilometres (287 miles). Typically, the journey is southbound from Mexico City to Oaxaca, crossing several states along the way.

The most common route takes you through the beautiful landscapes of the Mexican states of Mexico City, Puebla and Oaxaca. The journey usually takes about 6 hours, depending on the traffic factors.

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What's the quickest way to get from Mexico City to Oaxaca?

The quickest way to get from Mexico City to Oaxaca is to travel by plane. Flights from Mexico City to Oaxaca are direct and take just over an hour.

As for travelling by car or bus, both of these options will take considerably longer, making travelling by plane the clear favourite for speed.

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Church of Santo Domingo de Guzman in Oaxaca, Mexico © Shutterstock

By plane

Duration: around 1 hour | Cost: from $45

Travelling from Mexico City to Oaxaca by plane is the fastest and most convenient way to cover the distance between these two fascinating destinations.

With direct flights from Benito Juarez International Airport (MEX) to Xocotlán International Airport (OAX), travelling between the two cities is seamless.

The flight duration is approximately 1-1.5 hours, making it the most efficient way to get from Mexico City to Oaxaca.

By bus

Duration: 6.5 hours | Cost: from $20

Travelling by bus is not a quick option to get from Mexico City to Oaxaca, which however offers a deeper immersion into Mexican culture along the way. This option is suitable for travellers who appreciate affordable prices and the opportunity to admire the picturesque scenery while travelling.

First, head to one of Mexico City's major bus terminals, such as Terminal de Autobuses de Pasajeros de Oriente (TAPO) or Terminal de Autobuses de Pasajeros de la Ciudad de México (Taxqueña). Here you will be able to purchase your ticket, including ADO bus company, the most popular bus service in Mexico.

Buses are usually equipped with amenities such as air conditioning, comfortable seats and toilets to ensure a comfortable journey. Many travellers appreciate the opportunity to relax, read or even chat with fellow travellers during the journey.

When you arrive in Oaxaca, you'll be in the heart of the city centre, allowing you to easily get to your accommodation or go exploring straight away.

Monte Alban © Shutterstock

Monte Alban in Oaxaca © Shutterstock

By rental car

Duration: 6 hours | Cost: from $30 per day

A road trip from Mexico City to Oaxaca will appeal to travellers who prefer to travel on their own terms and at a comfortable pace. This option offers the opportunity to drive through the heart of Mexico, making stops along the way and getting to know the rich culture and geography of the country.

Numerous car hire agencies in Mexico City offer a wide range of vehicles to suit every need and at a reasonable price. It should be noted, however, that if you are planning a one-way trip, then renting a car will cost you considerably more.

The most common route passes through the Mexican states of Mexico City, Puebla and Oaxaca. The journey usually takes about 6 hours or more if you plan to make stops along the way.

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Is Oaxaca worth a visit?

Oaxaca, a city with a deep cultural and historical heritage, certainly deserves a place on your travel itinerary. This city attracts tourists with its rich indigenous traditions, artistic heritage and culinary arts.

Oaxaca's charm is also evident in its well-preserved colonial architecture. This is exemplified by the stunning Santo Domingo Church and the ancient archaeological complex of Monte Alban.

In addition, a calendar packed with cultural festivals makes this city appealing to all. Whether enjoying the complex flavours of mole, exploring ancient ruins or observing indigenous rituals, Oaxaca promises a rich and memorable journey into the heart of Mexico's cultural soul.

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